Rock climbing questions and answers for Southampton Climbing Wall in Hampshire

Do I need a climbing assessment to climb at SCW?

Yes, everyone who climbs with us must first be assessed and you will need to book your assessment – read more here about climbing assessments at Southampton Climbing Wall.

You will not need an assessment if you are just coming bouldering but you will have to complete a bouldering only disclaimer on each visit.

What is the minimum age for climbing at SCW?

There are two answers to this, the minimum age for children on instructed sessions is 8, this includes taster sessions, kids parties, junior outdoor days and the Junior Climbing Club. If you are a supervisor climber bringing your children in during public climbing times then the minimum age is 6; read here on what you need to do to become a supervising climbing with SCW.

Can I book on to a course on my own or do I need to bring a friend?

Most adults that book onto our Intro to Climbing Course at SCW do so on their own, this provides a great opportunity to meet other new climbers that you’ll almost certainly come back to climb with again and again.

Climbing taster sessions are also very often booked by individuals for both children and adults.

I'm an experienced climber, what do I need to do to climbing at SCW?

As with most walls you'll need a quick assessment, this is free with us however you'll need to arrange your time with us as the wall is at times unsupervised. Click here to read more about getting a climbing assessment at Southampton Climbing Wall.

Do I need to pre-book a taster sessions or intro course?

Yes, all Climbing Taster Sessions and Intro to Climbing Courses must be pre-booked. You can do this online or by calling us in the bookings office during weekday office hours on 02380 070 171. If you are coming for public climbing then you do not need to pre-book but we strongly advise that you check the calendar to ensure the wall is not closed for a private session.