Here you will find all the forms used at Southampton Climbing Wall. Please find which ones may be applicable to you, then read, download or print as required.

All climbers using Southampton Climbing Wall must be registered as an unsupervised climber, under the supervision of a supervising climber or under instruction by a member of the climbing wall team.

Do I need to print these forms now?

All the forms you need in order to climb at Southampton Climbing Wall are available in hard copies at the centre, however you may wish to print your respective form(s) off before your arrival to speed up the process of signing yourself in for the first time or when signing in new members as a supervising climber. It is strongly advised that parental consent forms are complete before arrival for kids parties.

Parental Consent form
This form must be completed by the parent or legal guardian of all under 18 climbers using the wall, then the under 18 climber must be accompanied by an over 18 for the duration of their use of the wall. This over 18 does not need to be the parent and does not need to be a competent climber. A Parental Consent Form must be completed for every visit of an under 18.


A Parent’s Guide to Climbing
This booklet sets out what climbing, hill walking and mountaineering involve, in order to help parents gain a better understanding of these activities.




Adult unsupervised registration form

Use this form to register yourself as a climber at Southampton Climbing Wall. To complete this form you must be competent at all aspects of indoor top-rope climbing, agree to the Conditions of Use and have read and understood the Good Practice Notice.

Once you have completed this form, a member of the Southampton Climbing Wall instructor team will assess your skills and sign you off as either an individual or supervising climber. Only supervising climbers may sign in novice users.

Any person under the age of 18 completing this form must also have a completed Parental Consent Form.


Guest sign-in form

Guests may only be signed in by climbers who have been signed off on their Unsupervised Registration Form as a supervising climber – with no exception. The supervising member must complete the ‘Supervising Member’ side of the form and up to two guests must complete the ‘Guest(s)’ side, with all members signing in agreement to the stated conditions.

A supervising member may sign in up to a maximum of two novice users, and this form must be completed on every visit when signing guests in.



Conditions of use

This document accompanies all forms and sets out the the Conditions of Use when using Southampton Climbing Wall.


Good Practice notes

This notice also accompanies all forms and highlights recommended practices when using Southampton Climbing Wall.