A new bouldering gym is coming to Southampton!
Help shape this exciting project by letting us know (at the bottom of this page) what you’d like to see in your new bouldering wall. 

Dear all,

I’m super excited to let you know that the SCW team and I will officially be opening a new bouldering centre in Southampton. If all goes to plan, then we could be opening as early as mid-October but in any case, we’ll be welcoming you in for a climb before Christmas. Just think how epic this year’s public climbing party will be! 🙂

Most importantly, we don’t have a name yet! This is where we need your help so please give your suggestion at the bottom, along with what facilities you feel are important.

In the past 18 months I’ve learned more about commercial warehouses than I thought I’d ever need to know – all incredibly boring. We must have seen 30 or more in every corner of the city. I now know that Southampton’s maritime history of storage & distribution means that commercial property is generally about 8.5m high – I’ve also discovered that the cost of raising a roof can quickly, well, go through the roof! So a bouldering only gym it is, which is totally awesome as we can still do everything we wanted.

The new warehouse is just 10 min walk from the current SCW and is 12,000ft² – 20 times the size of SCW! It’s a quirky building and we’ll have loads of space for everything you’d expect in a modern bouldering gym.

The wall design is still being worked on but the brief includes a variety of different angled training walls, a large strength and conditioning area, a top-out boulder (I’d like a firemans poll decent!), an area for young children, a comp wall and loads of other funky shapes. Oh! And a flipping Twister boulder wall as we posted on SCW facebook last month!

At the heart of the building will be a warm and cosy café and social enterprise, serving a range of hot and cold food and drink. At the heart of the café will be the penny floor! Around early October time we’ll be inviting you and everyone to come on down with your penny jars to stick some pennies on the floor so you can have your mark. This is important to us, that you and the community are at the heart of this project.

Whist expanding in to this new premises we will be setting up a new charity, that through community projects will provide youth opportunities to get involved in climbing and other community sports projects. More new to come on this.

As well as the usual pay-as-you-go door charges we will be offering monthly boulder gym memberships. If you join a regular work-out gym you get access to all the facilities but also to additional classes such as pilates, spinning and so on. Why is that not the same with climbing walls? Well, in this new bouldering gym your monthly membership will give you access to weekly classes of climbing yoga, cross-fit, movement coaching, Strength & Conditioning and much more. Your membership will also earn you additional rewards including free tea / coffee, discounted food and more.

It’s all super exciting and we’ll be posting loads of updates on SCW facebook so make sure you like our page to be the first to hear.

I’ll look forward to welcoming you for a boulder soon!

Tim and all the SCW team.

Southampton Bouldering Gym Cafe

A blank cafe canvas

Penny floor in Southampton Bouldering Gym Cafe

A test sample of the penny floor for the cafe

Storage for Southampton Bouldering Gym

We’ve started collecting stuff in storage. Sophie’s on guard!

So here’s the bit where you can help.

 We’re building this wall for you! So let us know what you’d like – from the name of the gym to the shape of the wall and items on the café menu, we’d love you to help shape this great project. 

Fill out my online form.